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VFN is passionate about bridging the gap between effective supplementation and optimal health, we aim at providing the finest quality products.
The formula contains science-backed levels of quality ingredients with full transparency meaning the amount of each ingredient is listed on the label. Apart from the quality what makes our whey protein outstanding is its taste, flavor, and rich texture.

Our vision is to support people who have access to ordinary supplement standards by providing products that are premium, minimal, and effective. We not only want to have the best, highest-quality ingredients sourced only from the other countries but the least amount necessary in every product. It’s for that reason we don’t believe in unwanted artificial fillers, flavors, or “proprietary” blends. No cheap additives to fill our scoops. No short cuts. No junk. Only products where every ingredient is carefully crafted to yield the highest output. Products that are centered on transparency, quality, and safety.

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