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My daily routine consists of morning intense yoga and also due to the nature of my work, I am generally 17-18 hrs active a day. I wanted to gain weight and build some muscles and my decision to try VFN Lean Gain turned out to be absolute. I could gain 8 Kgs of weight in merely 2 months with little exercise. A big thanks to VFN!
I’m in love with the VFN supplements and merchandise, I have been using them for nearly 4 to 5 months and I am really happy with the results so far. I’m currently using ISO whey protein, BCAA, Glutamine & Pre-workout. They have really boosted my workout intensity and helped me in recovery of my muscles after my everyday workout sessions. The best thing I liked about VFN supplements is that they are selling what they are promoting, they are 100% natural, tastes great and gives the best results. I am in love with all the VFN products I’m currently using, but I would like to recommend 2 of my favorite product, 1- ISO whey protein because they are key to building muscle and recovering after a workout, and can also help you lose weight. 2- BCAA as they not only helps in decreasing muscle soreness from exercise, but also help reduce exercise-induced fatigue.
using VFN products since 3 years as i consider myself lucky to be one of their first clients. being into heavy lifting its hard to maintain muscle mass from regular foods. VFN ISO formula surprisingly improves my muscle size and helps burning body fat by maintaining same body weight. its a revolutionary fitness formula in today's competitive world of health care.is."
As a coach I have been using VFN products for over 2 years now and after seeing the results I encouraged my students also to opt for VFN. After hours of practice it proves to be best for recovery and we can still be at our best everyday. I would recommend ISO whey and BCAA to everyone who wants to practice everyday without being fatigued and stay injury free.
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