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Mass Gain Chocalate


Mass Gain Chocolate contain:

76g complex carb
2g glutamine
1g taurine
3g creatine monohydrate


High-calorie mass gain formula
1. 760 calories
2. 17g of whey protein blend
3. 76g of complex carb blend which fuel your muscles with sustained release of calories
4. Each serving has over 2g of glutamine
5. Added glutamine supports growth hormone levels & immune system response
6. Each serving contain protein digestive enzyme blend which helps in easy digestion and absorption of protein from intestine
7. Each serving has over 3g of creatine monohydrate
8. Each serving has over 1g of taurine
9. Best-in-class taste & get more for your money.

Maltodextrin, whey protein concentrate, Sugar, whey protein isolate, cocoa powder, natural & natural identical flavor,
creatine monohydrate, cellulose gum, tapioca starch, MCT oil powder, soy lecithin, vitamin & minerals premix, acesulfame K, salt.


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